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2. Customize it.

Choose a roof style

Select Parkland and Urban structures can have two-tier and three-tier roofs. A two-tier roof is standard on all of the larger metal-column structures.

  • Roof option 1

    Hip roof

  • Roof option 2

    Hip roof w/ cupola

  • Roof option 3

    2 tier roof

  • Roof option 4

    2 tier roof w/ cupola

  • Roof option 5

    2 tier roof w/ cupola and ornamentation

  • Gable roof w/ tier cupola

  • Roof option 7

    Mono slope roof

  • Clerestory roof

  • Roof option 9

    Gable roof

Choose a decorative column style

Although it adds unquestionable stability, choosing multiple post column assemblies is also a decorative enhancement. Multiple post columns are only available on all metal structures. Other column options include: base and cap plinths, stepped sizes, decorative rings, raised panels, arched braces and anchor bolt covers. Option availability depends on the size and length of the column, which is specified on each design.

  • Column option 1

    One post column

    Standard surface mount with optional electrical duplex receptacle.

  • Column option 2

    Two post column

    Standard surface mount, typical on round or square base plate.

  • Column option 3

    Three post column

    Standard surface mount with masonry prep.

  • Column option 4

    Four post column

    With optional base plinth and base plate below grade.

Column base covers

  • Column Base option 1
  • Column Base option 2
  • Column Base option 3

Add a ceiling

The interior wood tongue and groove ceiling option creates a warm feeling inside of structures while still providing durability.

  • Ceiling option
  • Ceiling option
  • Ceiling option

Choose roofing material

  • Roof material option 1

    Metal cladding

    Metal-clad roofs are highly durable and stylish offering a clean look and a 30-year, maintenance free life. They are available in a wide range of colours.

  • Roof material option 2

    Composite shingles

    This simulated wood shingle look offers durability and a 25-year maintenance-free life while being environmentally friendly.

  • Roof material option 3

    Wood shingles

    Wood delivers a traditional look that is both natural and high quality. Count on 20 years of maintenance-free enjoyment.

  • Roof material option 4

    Asphalt shingles

    Architectural, multi-tab asphalt shingles are an alternate, good-value option.

Add ornamentation & messaging

Custom ornamentation can include silhouettes or wording, bringing a connection to the community and environment. Standard ornamentation includes profile cut detail. Vinyl cut graphics are available from provided artwork.

  • Messaging option 1
  • Messaging option 2
  • Messaging option 3
  • Messaging option 4
  • Messaging option 5
  • Messaging option 6
  • Messaging option 7
  • Messaging option 8

Add a cupola

Add a distinctive finishing touch to your structure. Cupolas come in a range of shapes and sizes and can suit both metal clad or shingle roofs.

  • Cupola option 1
  • Cupola option 2
  • Cupola option 3
  • Cupola option 4

3. Delivery.

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    Site preparation

    While your Shadeview® structure is being built and shipped, you’ll need to prepare your site. Foundations, footings and anchoring points must be installed and any permits will need to be secured by your team.

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    The modular components arrive with detailed drawings for installation. Instructions have been developed using customer feedback to make sure they are straight-forward and helpful.

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    Support available if needed

    We are happy to provide technical support whenever it’s needed. An experienced representative will respond to any support requests within two business hours.


Feel confident knowing we’ve got you covered.

To date, we’ve had zero recalls on all of our structures, which is why we offer a 15-year warranty on all Shadeview® parts and components. If an issue ever does arise with your product, we’re happy to help you sort it out.

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