PERGOLAS | shade canopy

An addition that will become a true gem in the community.

A structure that feels like it’s an extension of the natural surroundings, you’ll find yourself, and your community, gravitating towards airy, open pergolas.

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Pergola Metal

All Metal (AM)

A structure to enhance your community area for generations. Steel pergolas add a dramatic beauty that can suit either a modern or more transitional setting. All components have a durable powder-coated finish to ensure maintenance-free longevity.

A unique site, a unique pergola.

If you have a specific area you’d like covered that’s not a normal pergola footprint, just let us know. We design pergolas for almost any shape. Perhaps you have a sitting area that's already established in your park, or a splash pad that needs a little coverage. We’ll make it all work together – beautifully.

Create a truly “landmark” structure

Why not erect a pergola that grows in the minds of residents as a truly noteworthy part of their park. The kind of structure that people end up using as a point of reference? We love to work with our customers to achieve a unique pergola that will be both well used and well loved.


Customize it.
For looks… or for your budget.

Pergolas are very versatile, coming with a variety of options for rafters and purlins, decorative details, walls and curvatures.

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Feel confident knowing we’ve got you covered.

To date, we’ve had zero recalls on all of our structures, which is why we offer a 10-year warranty on all Shadeview parts and components. If an issue ever does arise with your product, we’re happy to help you sort it out.

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