Square Structure

The Echo is a clean-lined design that provides the shaded protection people are looking for with the attractive architecture that is sure to enhance the landscape.

Hip Roof

Hip Roof

The hip-roofed Echo is often the design of choice for landscapes enhanced with a single-point roof line. Standard four-column square metal structures are available in sizes up to 24' x 24' while multi-column square structures are virtually unlimited in size. Their fire-resistant, maintenance-free qualities make them an easy choice. All-wood Echo structures are also available upon request.

Gable Roof

Gable Roof

Gable-roofed Echo structures are great for optimizing the view and offering less obstructed sight lines. The end roof sections can be closed in (great for adding ornamental detail) or left open. The gable-roof Echo is most popular as an all-metal structure, adding architectural beauty from inside and out.

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Roofing options to make it your own

  • Cedar Shingles

    Cedar Shingles

    Cedar delivers a traditional look that is both natural and high quality. Count on 20 years of maintenance-free enjoyment.

  • Metal Cladding

    Metal Cladding

    Metal-clad roofs are highly durable and stylish offering a clean look and a 25-year, maintenance-free life. They are available in a great range of colours.

  • Multiple Tiers

    Multiple Tiers

    More than a decorative enhancement, an additional roof tier is an architectural feature. The second tier roof is standard with the all-wood and metal-column structures.

  • Cupolas


    Add a distinctive finishing touch to your structure. Cupolas come in a range of shapes and sizes and can suit both metal or wood structures.

Ceilings to add an inner beauty

The view from inside is as beautiful as the outside when you can look up and see a tongue and groove ceiling made of Western red cedar. They are a standard, structural feature for the Echo wood structures and available as an optional aesthetic feature for all-metal structures.


Although it adds unquestionable stability, choosing double – or even triple – columns is usually more as a decorative enhancement. The Echo with single columns is fully stable with its heavy-guage steel, although the multiple columns lend architectural interest to the whole structure.


On metal Echo structures, there is a variety of ornamentation possible. And as the rest of the structure, it is maintenance-free in a highly durable powder-coated enamel.

Foundation and site preparation

All site preparation and footings are the responsibility of the customer. Shadeview will provide engineer-approved drawings and a Schedule 1 for each project, which includes typical footing details, specifications and anchoring method. Anchor bolt templates are available on select models.

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Models: sizes and specs


Hip Roof


Gable Roof

Note: Sizes (square footage) for all open structures are measured from/to the roof line. On multi-sided structures, the dimension given is the diameter of a circle across the points of the shape.