Pergola Structure

A structure that feels like it’s an extension of the natural surroundings. People just seem to gravitate towards airy, open pergolas.

Pergola Metal

All Metal (AM)

A structure to enhance your community area for generations. Steel pergolas add a dramatic beauty that can suit either a modern or more transitional setting. All components have a durable powder-coated finish to ensure maintenance-free longevity.

Pergola Wood

All Wood (AW)

Shadeview uses Western red cedar for all of our wood structures – a Canadian-sourced timber that is beautiful, aromatic and known for its decay-resistant qualities.

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From basic elements to elaborate

  • Rafters

    Rafters and Purlins

    The rafters are the larger beams and the main source of shade. They can be designed to lay slanted to maximize shade, depending on the pergola/sun positions. Purlins, or the uppermost beams, create the criss-cross shadow effect, and can be optional.

  • Decorative

    Decorative Details

    There are a number of detailing choices for pergolas, including dentil transom trim, curved gussets and decorative upper rail headers. Talk to our sales staff to discuss the range of possibilities to make your pergola a distinctive addition for your area.

  • Walls


    Sometimes a strategically placed wall can add great benefits to a pergola. An element crafted in solid cedar, a wall can protect from prevailing winds, block out an unattractive or unwanted view, and give a subtle privacy in an area that feels too open.

  • Curvatures


    An expanse of curved pergola can be a stunning addition to the public landscape. This is an innovative design detail that conveys a community that strives for excellence in quality of living.

A unique site, a unique pergola.

If you have a specific area you’d like covered that’s not a normal pergola footprint, just let us know. We design pergolas for almost any shape. Perhaps you have a sitting area that's already established in your park, or a splash pad that needs a little coverage. We’ll make it all work together – beautifully.

Create a truly “landmark” structure

Why not erect a pergola that grows in the minds of residents as a truly noteworthy part of their park. The kind of structure that people end up using as a point of reference? We love to work with our customers to achieve a unique pergola that will be both well used and well loved.

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Site preparation

All site preparation and footings are the responsibility of the customer. Shadeview will provide engineer-approved drawings and a Schedule 1 for each project, which includes footing details, specifications and anchoring method. Anchor bolt templates are available on select models.

Models: sizes and specs


All Metal (AM)


All Wood (AW)

Note: Sizes (square footage) for all open structures are measured from/to the roof line. On multi-sided structures, the dimension given is the diameter of a circle across the points of the shape.