Octagonal Structure

A substantial architectural addition to any community area. The Parkland offers maximum functionality, suitable for multiple small groups at once or large event gatherings.

Parkland Metal

All Metal (AM)

For maximum durability and longevity, structures that are built entirely of steel will achieve the longest life for your investment. And with a variety of design options, metal structures never mean a sacrifice in aesthetics.

Parkland Metal Column

Metal Column (MC)

Our flagship structure delivers the best of both worlds. A wide variety of sizes are available – all engineer approved. The metal columns give added longevity and the cedar roof structure and interior ceiling lend an overall character and charm that people appreciate. The metal column structure is available with a cedar shingle or sheet metal roof.

Parkland All Wood

All Wood (AW)

For a structure that immediately feels integral to the surroundings, all-wood structures are always highly valued by the community. Shadeview uses Western red cedar for all of our wood structures – a Canadian-sourced timber that is beautiful, aromatic and known for its decay-resistant qualities. Optional cedar floors are also available.

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Roofing options to make it your own

  • Cedar Shingles

    Cedar Shingles

    Cedar delivers a traditional look that is both natural and high quality. Count on 20 years of maintenance-free enjoyment.

  • Metal Cladding

    Metal Cladding

    Metal-clad roofs are highly durable and stylish offering a clean look and a 25-year, maintenance-free life. They are available in a great range of colours.

  • Multiple Tiers

    Multiple Tiers

    More than a decorative enhancement, an additional roof tier is an architectural feature. The second tier roof is standard with the all-wood and metal-column structures.

  • Cupolas


    Add a distinctive finishing touch to your structure. Cupolas come in a range of shapes and sizes and can suit both metal or wood structures.

Ceilings to add an inner beauty

The view from inside parallels the exterior when you can look up and see a beautiful tongue and groove ceiling made of Western red cedar. They are a standard, integral feature for the All Wood (AW) and Metal Column (MC) Parkland structures and available as an optional aesthetic feature for the All Metal structures (AM).

  • Ceiling Closeup
  • Ceiling Closeup
  • Ceiling Closeup
  • Ceiling Closeup
  • Ceiling Closeup


Although it adds unquestionable stability, choosing double or triple-shaft columns is simply a decorative enhancement. Multiple columns are available in metal form only. The all-wood Parkland is available with single wood columns only.


Rails lend an attractive decorative touch and a balanced look to your structure. Wood rails are standard for all-wood structures and metal rails are an optional feature with the all-metal structures. All rails are colour-matched to the structure.


Basic backless metal benches are available in a variety of lengths. These are surface-mounted and can be colour-matched to the structure.

Foundation and site preparation

All site preparation and footings are the responsibility of the customer. Shadeview will provide engineer-approved drawings and a Schedule 1 for each project, which includes typical footing details, specifications and anchoring method. Anchor bolt templates are available on select models.

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Models: sizes and specs


All Wood (AW)


All Metal (AM)


Metal & Wood (MC)